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How It Works

This site is one of the most unique and inexpensive ways to promote your business and as an added benefit, help raise money for the many worthwhile veteran causes that you feel strongly about. We will be donating 30% of all proceeds from the site to these causes. Many of our veteran heroes are permanently wounded, disabled, homeless, or are just struggling to survive and need outside help.

We will start on the West Coast and fill up the map with paid ads from left to right as we march toward Washington DC.

The grid contains ten thousand 10 pixel x 10 pixel boxes. Pixels are $1 each. There is a 100 pixel minimum (1 box) if you are interested in joining our March and trying a clever and creative way to boost your company's exposure and help support a veteran.

Here are graphics that you can add to your website if you want your users to know you are part of the March. Simply right click on whichever graphic you want to capture and save a copy to your system. Then you can add it onto your website with this link: which will take users to our homepage where thay can see the map of links. If you want to take your users to our Sponsors page, use this link instead:
50px x 50px .gif
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