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Here are some of the typical questions we are asked...

Q) What exactly do I get when I buy sponsorship space on the Million Pixel March website?
You are actually buying a lot. For one, you are helping to support great veteran causes. Here is what else you get:

  • You will become part of our Sponsors directory where potential customers can easily find you.
  • A link on our US Map or Wall of Heroes to your website. It will be live for at least 5 years.
  • A listing on our Million Pixel March Facebook page.

Q) How much do the sponsorships (pixels) cost?
Each pixel is $1 and you must buy a mini
mum of a 10 pixel by 10 pixel (100 pixels) ad for $100. Click here to see the different ad configurations. Remember they will be up for 5 years so a $100 sponsorship averages out to just $20 a year.

Q) Who makes the ads on the Map?
We will make them unless you want to supply your own. If you choose to submit your own ad to us, it must be made to the exact size in pixels. The ads are fairly small and cant be overly detailed.

Q) How much sponsorship can I buy?
There is no maximum size but the area has to be able to form a rectangle. Sponsorships must be in increments of 100 px. Click here to see the different configurations. If you want to be creative with your ad shape, just tell us and if we have the space, we'll accomodate you.

Q) Can I buy just one pixel?
Unfortunately no. It would be too hard to create a linkable spot. If you don't have enough money but still want to be a part of the March, team up with some friends until you get enough to buy the minimum square size and pick a website or blog you want to be linked to.

Q) Will this site work on my SmartPhone?
Yes it will but if you want to see the map the clearest, you should view it on a computer with an average or bigger than average monitor. We are working to have a smartphone version of the site minus the map which we will be launching soon.

Q) What is the difference between the U.S. Map and the Wall of Heroes?
The Wall of Heroes recognizes an individual Veteran by name. You will still be mentioned on our Sponsors page so both technically work the same way.

Q) How long will the sponsorships appear on the page?
The page will stay online for a minimum of 5 years (2019) so your information will be up for at least that long.

Q) Who is benefiting from this site?
After the administration and operating costs are taken care, we are supporting many Veteran causes. Most commercial sites offer to support their causes by donating 5% of what is made. We will be giving at least 30% of what we make to the U.S. Veteran groups. The beneficiaries will be mentioned on our Facebook and Blog updates.

Q) Why the Million Pixel March head towards Washington?
U.S. citizens have been marching to Washington DC for every cause known to man. This is our symbolic way of building awareness for the many causes that we are supporting.

Q) What if I have a question that is not answered here?
You can send it to us from our Contact Us page and we'll answer you back personally.

Q) This seems like a different type of sponsorship. Has this ever been done before?
The inspiration goes back in to 2005, when a young man from England named Alex Tew built a simple grid box and sold advertising to raise money for his college education.

Q) How will I know if people are seeing my ad?
We run tracking software and keep a running tally of exactly how many people see the sponsorships on a daily basis. This information is updated on our Facebook page.

Q) How can I tell people about the site so they can come see my sponsorship?
We have all the social media share buttons clearly showing on our homepage. Simply go to the homepage and click on the social media outlet you would like to utilize and share our site with your contacts or copy this link and send it to them:

Q) Can I select space on a particular geographical portion of the map that covers my business' area?
No. We are starting on the West Coast and the left edge of our Wall of Heroes and working our way toward Washington DC. It would be just too hard to individually accommodate every request and would possibly leave unused areas. We can place you either on the U.S. Map and/or the Wall of Heroes just by asking but both will be filled from left to right.


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